Low Cal

Coolcumber 12

Muddled cucumbers, Ketel One Botanical cucumber & mint vodka, club soda & a splash of pineapple


Botanical Breeze 12

Ketel One Botanical Grapefruit & Rose Vodka, club soda & a hint of cranberry

Frozen Painkillers

Signature Cocktails 12

House Select Wines

Pinot Grigio 9
Sauvignon Blanc 9
Riesling 10
Prosecco 10
Rose 10
Cabernet 9
Merlot 9
Pinot Noir 10
Chardonnay 9


$6 – $7

Bud Light
Blue Point Toasted
Blue Point Summer
Shiner Day Quencher
Montauk Wave Chaser
Montauk Summer Ale
Blue Moon
Corona Light
Coors Light
Heineken Light
Heineken Zero
Twisted Tea
Miller Lite
Mich Ultra
White Claw

Bucket O’Beers

Domestic Beers
5 Beers for $25

Imported Beers
5 Beers for $30

Mixed Import & Domestic Beers
5 Beers for $30

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